Mauricio was born in November 1965 in Chile, he is descended from a mix of French and Austrian  immigrants. 
At the age of 8 Mauricio lived through the Chilean military coup. His childhood and youth were marked by the oppression and his country’s division under the regime.
While a student at the Francisco de Miranda High School, Mauricio begun to understand the social and political hardship experienced by those who were exiled by the military government. He took an active role in standing up to the regime and helping those affected to get back on track with their lives, by developing and running art, dance and theater workshops for the victims.  
Mauricio developed an early interest in photography and communications, which he then went on to study at ARSIS University in Santiago. Shortly after graduation he begun working for European TV and cinema organisations, saving enough money to enable him to move to Europe. Once in Europe Mauricio worked as a correspondent producer mainly for Spanish speaking media before joining the European Commission (Europe by Satellite).
Tired of large institutional work, Mauricio is now fully committed to Lukas Hueller’s project with the aim of developing communication, comprehension and tolerance among the younger generations.

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