Making Of The Children’s Play South Africa

No matter what their living conditions may be, all children and young people in this world have the right and should have the opportunity to take part in cultural life, art and play. Experiences in creativity and play are an essential component in child-friendly everyday life, quite independently of whatever the origins of the young people may be or whatever culture or religion they may be a part of – art and play are irreplaceable tools for promoting the healthy spiritual development of every child.

This fact was the motivation for the two Austrian artists Lukas Maximilian Hüller and Hannes Seebacher to develop the initiative LET THE CHILDREN PLAY, which understands art as an expression and language of ideological values.
The main goal is to make a long-term contribution to greater awareness of children’s rights. An important aspect of this is a concentrated inclusion and cooperation with children and young people at the level of education and creativity.

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