​Christian Fu Mueller, born 1974 in Germany (but seeing himself as a world citizen), is a Graffiti artist, entrepreneur and permaculturist with a strong believe in the universal power of curiosity and creativity. He started working in public space in 1989, visited the Albrecht-Duerrer-School for arts and design in Duesseldorf and engaged in several arts-, music-, dance-, film- and photo projects since then. In 1998 he founded Hiphop.de and joined the arts- and music collective Icklack Squad. In 2007 he moved to Cabo Verde, where he voluntarily worked for Delta Cultura Child- and Youthcenter. There he met Lukas Hueller and his team in 2011 and joined the crew for the production of “The Children’s Play”. He is now living in Portugal, starting a new Permaculture and education project together with Ana Soares.​

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