Marwa Sarah is a young artist, born in Homs, Syria 12. June 1988. Finished her Bachelor study in Fine Arts, from  University of Damascus, Syria, year 2012.

She moved to Vienna in February 2013, to begin a master study in the Angewandte University. She had the chance to get a studio in the WUK (Workshop and Culture House) for the year 2014.

Actually she is doing her master study in Art and Science Class University of Applied Arts Vienna.
Marwa is also working as an advisor in a network company with Refugees finding jobs for them as she is volunteering in projects helping the refugees in Turkey, interested in Art, recycling, Furniture design, and all handmade stuff.
Child of Play is happy to announce to have this committed and very interesting young artist with her experiences working on art projects with refugees on board from 2016 on.

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