Let the Children Play has the following objectives:

  • Enhanced public attention and sensitisation towards children’s rights, especially the right to and the importance of PLAYING and participation in cultural life and identity;
  • Focus and awareness on specific situations and issues affecting and concerning children
  • Sustained financial and artistic support to arts and play activities for children in various settings through proceeds of arts sales and merchandising


  • Through Play and engagement with children in a location of choice a range of arts products is developed (photo/video/drawing work at this stage)
  • The visual outcomes and artistic products per project include currently 2-3 spectacular giant image productions per location, large numbered and signed prints, documentary photographs, documentaries and cinematic documents (making-of videos), hundreds of individual portraits of participating children, hundreds of children drawings,
  • The visual material will be used for merchandising of a variety of products ranging from posters, postcards to T-Shirts, cups, mouse pads etc. Marketing and sales will be done through internet or direct sales- possibly a flagship store in London and Vienna; it can serve for CSR campaigns of private sector companies
  • A childrens book (Wimmel Book) will be developed with the key productions
  • Exhibitions, Speeches and public performances will raise further attention and funds
  • Educational work will be conducted with children and youth groups discussing the images
  • Funds raised will be used to sustain arts and culture projects in the respective places where projects were initiated.

A special fund financed through donations and sales should manage to fund all social activities and production coststhrough profits made

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