The moral concept of individual humans and entire society systems finds itself in a kind of global change. Since always it is art and creativity creating and establishing innovative surroundings of all kind of societies, they are not only a mirror to society but point out ideas and visions for social reformations.

The open-minded a society the more freedom and tolerance is let for artistic – thus artistic-cultural – expression and society benefits again of this cultural-artistic environment. It is not about an elitist participation on the global art market, but primary about multidisciplinary art and cultural projects. The project realization itself already affects immediate and lasting experiences for all participants in all regions and societies.

“THE PLAY” as a multiple project reunites international artists of all kind of artistic disciplines and quests social, natural or historic hotspots to ally with local artists, organizations and youth to produce and deliver creative visions to this global atmosphere of departure.

To be pointed out is, that the projects prior are not artistic intellectual analysis of political cultural situations but much more to seek for a sensible collaboration on creative, cultural and educational levels from all walks of lives and societies.

Different social and cultural significances are welcomed to influence and inspire the projects development and outputs. As often as especially the materialistic poor social classes do have enormous creative potentials to be supported…

In any way the prior motivation stays to evolve values such as respect, recognition, compassion, helpfulness, … for a human togetherness and fair society structure evolution.

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